From the Classroom to the Workplace, Workforce Development through Modern Neuroscience

Mosaic Solutions is dedicated to supporting organizations with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing market by building empowered and tailored workforce solutions. We humanize workforce development to eradicate barriers and bias and increase economic mobility by identifying and unleashing talent through the Mosaic DNA Matrix.

We partner with K12, colleges, industry, non-profits and state entities to provide comprehensive solutions utilizing DNA Matrix tools to create meaningful, long-term changes in the labor market and promote positive economic outcomes.

Solutions to help you respond to the forces of change and create economic advantage for every stakeholder in the workforce ecosystem.

We leverage modern neuroscience to provide unrivalled, sustainable and resilient solutions to key workforce problems and opportunities.

With PRISM, our innovative neuroscience assessment tool, we don't just talk about potential, we activate it. We empower students and job seekers to take charge of their careers while providing educators and employers with a glimpse of the future of talent.

Skill gaps will never go away, there will always be a talent-rich workforce.

With our cutting-edge neuroscience program, the Mosaic DNA Matrix, the workforce becomes agile, upskilling and re-skilling are done efficiently and effectively. Through the DNA Matrix skills adaption is smooth and fast.

The way to address human problems requires a very human approach

Humanizing workforce development is not only a moral responsibility but also an economic necessity. Shortages of labor and skills gaps persist, hindering economic growth for employers, workers, and the broader economy. The conventional methods are not enough to tackle the upcoming challenges and opportunities.

How students and adult learners and job candidates are engaged in career exploration, enrollment and job applications have been dehumanized, this leaves many feeling disconnected and excluded. To create economic advantage for all requires engagement, and motivation so we’re bringing a very human approach to very human problems at scale.


The economic landscape demands connectedness, agility and responsiveness between stakeholders. Pathways with Purpose is the glue that strengthens connectivity and drives responsiveness for better outcomes in the workforce eco-system.




The connected eco-system is
stronger than its individual parts, to drive economic value and competitive advantage.





Industry 4.0 presents a unique, generational economic opportunity and needs for a future-ready workforce.





Career-connected education, reaching down to middle school and talent pipelines that meet employer needs.