Unlocking the Future:

The Mosaic Job DNA Matrix

We take a scientific, analytically driven, and factual approach to job analysis with our Job DNA Matrix. This cutting-edge tool compiles essential behavioral and competency requirements, ensuring high-standard performance in core job tasks and skills. Serving as invaluable intelligence, it becomes the cornerstone for supporting macro workforce development strategies.

Our Job DNA analysis is not just data; it's an understanding of human behavior grounded in the key discoveries of neuroscience. By comprehending the brain's role in shaping behavior, we translate this knowledge into the behavioral needs of each job through a clear, simple, and precision-driven framework we call the Job DNA Matrix.

This transformative process doesn't just analyze the present; it anticipates the future. Gain crucial insights into new and emerging jobs, unlocking the potential of tomorrow's jobs, empowering your organization with the intelligence needed to craft strategies for building a future-ready workforce.


  • Gain a deep understanding of current job requirements.
  • Incorporate neuroscience insights into job analysis.
  • Create a precision-driven framework for job assessment.
  • Anticipate future job needs and market trends.
  • Empower your organization to develop a future-ready workforce.

Revolutionize Career Exploration through the

Career DNA Matrix

The Mosaic Career DNA Matrix is a transformative tool that aligns the natural, instinctive behavior preferences and innate competencies of students or job seekers with unparalleled precision. This intuitive matching process ensures a seamless connection between individuals and jobs, offering pinpoint accuracy for optimal career alignment.

Neuroscience-driven Career DNA is an individual's set of preferences, a rich array of talents, strengths, predispositions, and unique abilities. Importantly, these traits remain uninfluenced by intellect, background, or academic performance, fostering true diversity.

The Career DNA Matrix becomes a catalyst for career exploration and career planning. Often, these activities are daunting to students, unable to make a direct connection between themselves and jobs. That changes with Career DNA. Our mission is to transform career planning into a motivational, inspiring activity that draws the individual into the process to envisage their future. This in turn fuels career connected learning, persistence and completion.


  • Achieve precise career alignment based on natural preferences and competencies.
  • Foster diversity by recognizing individuals' innate traits.
  • Transform career exploration into a motivating and engaging activity.
  • Encourage individuals to actively participate in career planning.
  • Promote career-connected learning, persistence, and successful completion.