Revolutionize Career Exploration through the Career DNA Matrix

The Mosaic Career DNA Matrix is a transformative tool that aligns the natural, instinctive behavior preferences and innate competencies of students or job seekers with unparalleled precision. This intuitive matching process ensures a seamless connection between individuals and jobs, offering pinpoint accuracy for optimal career alignment.

Neuroscience-driven Career DNA is an individual's set of preferences, a rich array of talents, strengths, predispositions, and unique abilities. Importantly, these traits remain uninfluenced by intellect, background, or academic performance, fostering true diversity.

The Career DNA Matrix becomes a catalyst for career exploration and career planning. Often, these activities are daunting to students, unable to make a direct connection between themselves and jobs. That changes with Career DNA. Our mission is to transform career planning into a motivational, inspiring activity that draws the individual into the process to envisage their future. This in turn fuels career connected learning, persistence and completion.