Bringing New Life to O.Net

Unlocking Inspiration: A Neuroscience-Driven Journey

At Mosaic, we believe in the transformative power of a simple neuroscience principle that underpins our approach to creating engaging user experiences. While passive reading of job insights may activate the left hemisphere of the brain, we understand that true empowerment comes from engaging, motivating, and inspiring students and learners. In a world where most decisions are emotionally driven, it's essential to activate the right hemisphere, and we achieve this through thoughtful design.

Take our unique O.Net database, for instance—it's not just a static repository of job information. Instead, we've encoded it into PRISM language, serving as a modern digital careers search engine. Users can actively filter for jobs, choosing specific aspects of their Career DNA Matrix to tailor their job searches.

But we don't stop there! We've taken it a step further by seamlessly integrating O.Net into a user's PRISM report—a mobile-first experience that puts all the information for career exploration right into the hands of the user. At Mosaic, we're not just providing data; we're crafting a transformative journey, empowering users to explore their careers with inspiration and ease.

Join us on this neuroscience-driven journey, where thoughtful design creates Pathways with Purpose, and every user experience is a step toward a brighter, more empowered future."