Human Solutions

Mosaic DNA Matrix Match:

PRISM is anchored in data. We adopt a data-driven approach to crafting human solutions. By creating the DNA Matrix of a job and conducting an analytically-driven assessment, we determine the factors that result in peak performance at work. We establish a clear linkage between the DNA of a job and the DNA of an individual, fostering genuine human connections. 

Neuroscience-driven Human Solutions:

Through PRISM Brain Mapping, we utilize the latest and most comprehensive neuroscience-based behavioral analysis assessment globally. Regardless of education level, background, or circumstance, we highlight the plethora of talents, qualities, and unique abilities in deeply human ways. 

New and Emerging Jobs:

By constructing actionable insights about positions that are yet to be created, we prepare employers and the workforce for the future. Our approach allows us to tap into middle and high schools, laying the foundation for a robust talent pipeline. We expedite the conversion of these emerging roles into insights and experiences.

Equity-Driven Solutions:

The Career DNA Matrix serves as a potent equalizer. There are no underserved brains, only underserved communities. Objective human data promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion in college enrollments, employer candidate pools, and overarching workforce development.

Connected Workforce Ecosystem:

Our human-centric data seamlessly links every facet of the workforce development ecosystem. By offering clear visibility, accurate measurement, and consistent tracking, we bridge students and adults to employers and opportunities.

Take control of your future, learn to Let your Brain Lead Your Way to design your perfect career!