Who we Serve to Create Pathways with Purpose

Underserved Populations: Our design approach is bespoke, tailored to engage with end-users based on specific use cases. This is especially vital when working with underserved communities, both students and adults. By facilitating genuine human connections on a broad scale, we empower them to envision themselves in high-skilled, high-paying roles. While the drive to pursue jobs and long-term careers must arise from within, our programs guide individuals in drawing connections on their own, fostering both empowerment and motivation.

Workforce Development Boards: By creating talent pipelines that span from high school to college and into the workplace, our integrated ecosystem facilitates large-scale workforce development. Our efforts center on forging sustainable and resilient talent pipelines. Through measurement and tracking tools, we support informed decision-making and planning to mobilize the workforce.

Manufacturing and Engineering Employers: We reimagine talent management activities, introducing fresh and innovative methods that prioritize human connection and eliminate skill shortages and talent gaps. Our focus is on attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent, especially for roles that are challenging to fill or retain. We offer effective strategies and solutions tailored to a range of workforce development needs in Industry 4.0.

Higher Education: Our initiatives amplify enrollment rates and emphasize career-linked learning, enhancing student persistence and graduation rates. We bridge adult learners with in-demand jobs and foster strong relationships between students and local employers.

Middle and High Schools: PRISM transcends traditional career planning. It is a journey into self-awareness. While educational institutions may be our clients, the students are our ultimate customers. By providing digital tools on a vast scale, we enrich learning and career exploration experiences and prepare students for career-oriented studies, jobs, and life beyond academics.

We create a common language in the classroom through lessons plans and facilitation guides.